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The Changing Costs of Utility Prices in the UK

Graph showing utility prices for the last 20 years

How to Read the Castle Cover Utilities Index

The Castle Cover Utilities Index demonstrates the growth of electricity, gas, water and coal bills across the UK over a fixed period of 21 years, between 1990 and 2011. It normalises prices at the same point on the scale at 1990 (100 on the graph) in order to show the rises and (rare) falls in the four utilities.

Rather unsurprisingly, all four demonstrate price hikes over the period, though some are more dramatic than others. Electricity and gas - the two most-used household energies - have nearly doubled over the last seven years of the index, owing to their ties with oil prices, as well as a number of other factors. The industrialisation of foreign nations, plus growing international prices for the commodity, has forced coal costs higher for UK citizens.

Unlike its counterparts, however, water has stayed consistent, proving that not everything seems to be working against the average consumer in the UK.


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