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  • Free £25 M&S vouchers when you've made three monthly premium payments

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Taking care of them

It’s easier than you think to look after your loved ones, after you’ve gone. You’re guaranteed to be accepted for this Over 50s Life Plan policy as long as you’re aged between 50 and 75, and you’re a UK resident. It couldn’t be easier: there’s no medical, and you can choose the level of your premiums.


  • A cash lump sum that’s paid on death as a legacy for your family
  • Acceptance guaranteed if you're aged between 50 and 75 and a UK resident
  • A choice of premiums to suit your budget and no payments after your 90th birthday
  • No medical questions to answer, no medical examinations
  • Free £25 M&S vouchers when you've made three monthly premium payments
  • Three times the cash sum if you die from accidental death within the first two years
  • One and a half times your premiums back if you die for other reasons in the first two years
  • 10% extra benefit if you select the Funeral plan 


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Why choose us?

It’s easy to say ‘because we’ll give you great customer service’, but it happens to be true. Particularly when you’re dealing with something like an Over 50s Life Plan, that counts for a lot. We’ll help to get the policy set up, and we’ll help to make sure it pays out when it’s supposed to. We’ll also give you our best price first time. Straightforward, no fuss. It’s the way we like to work, really...

Policy documents

We’d like you to read the Key Facts in full, and the Plan Details. But if you have any questions about our Over 50s Life Plan, we’re always happy to answer them.


Key Facts

Plan Details


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We’ll explain what’s excluded from your policy and all the risks involved, before you buy it:


  • Your plan has no cash-in value at any time
  • If you stop your payments at any time your life insurance will be cancelled, you will no longer have any cover in place, and you will not receive back any of the payments made to date
  • If you die from natural causes in the first two years of your plan then your family will only get back what you've paid in, plus half as much again
  • Depending how long you live, you could end up paying in more than would be paid out when you die
  • The index-linking option protects your cash sum against inflation – otherwise your cover could be worth less in the future
  • The lump sum we pay out to your estate could be liable to inheritance tax


Download our  policy documents here.

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