Flood and storm advice

When bad weather strikes, it pays to be prepared. Severe storms can cause damage to your property, knocking off chimneys and breaking branches from trees. Damage can often be unavoidable, but there are some things you can do to protect your home, and help minimise the risks from storms and flooding.

Preparing for bad weather

  • Make sure you have sufficient food to last a few days should the weather prevent you from leaving the house.
  • Keep torches and spare batteries somewhere easily accessible.
  • Have warm clothing and blankets to hand.
  • Secure or lock away any garden furniture or implements that could be blown about by high winds.
  • Keep track of local weather warnings on the radio, TV, or online such as the Met Office website.

If you’re also at risk of flooding

  • If possible, move any valuable or sentimental possessions to an upper floor, or somewhere that will be above the water level.
  • Make sure you have emergency contact numbers of your local authority and utilities companies close to hand.

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