The importance of home insurance

It’s really important that you understand what home insurance is supposed to do, before you buy it. That’s the reason we ask you to read our policy documents carefully, when we give you a quote. They explain exactly what’s covered by our policies, and what’s not.

For most people home insurance isn’t an exciting topic. It's also something they may not know much about. But it’s the policy you’ll put into place to protect the home you live in, and the things that you care about most. So it’s important to read everything you’re given very carefully.

Good insurance companies will give you an example of their documents to read, although the policy you buy may have slight differences to it if your circumstances mean the cover is tailored to suit you in some way.

Check for those differences and make sure the paperwork confirms everything you’ve told the provider. Don’t worry - we’re always happy to run through the details of our cover over the phone if you have questions about it.