Green-fingers, light-fingers. Protect your garden…

Most people like their garden and like to keep it looking good. We like making the most of garden sunshine, too. So it’s no surprise that thefts of costly garden items have also been on the rise. Let’s see if we can help to reduce those green-fingered, light-fingered incidents with these hints and tips.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting helps to keep your garden secure – halogen floodlights with a passive infrared sensor are best. Make sure you fit lights to key garden access points. Shed lights are a good idea, but make sure you don’t annoy your neighbours with a beam that intrudes too often into their vision.

Hedges, Boundaries and Fences

Walls, fences, hedges and boundaries can help prevent theft. But you might like to think about natural defences: sharp, defensive plants are a good deterrent if planted around sheds and access points. Light trellis can make it difficult to scale a wall, and gates should be as sturdy as your boundaries.

Driveways and Garden Paths

If you think about your path and driveway, it’s an early warning system in disguise. Use gravel: it’s simple, effective and noisy.


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