Parking it. Carefully…

Careless car parking has led to a whopping £1.3 billion worth of damage, forcing many people to claim on their car insurance when they could have avoided the issue.

According to a price comparison site, as many as one in every six drivers will never leave insurance details should they prang a parked car, while a further 45 per cent only consider doing so if they think the accident they caused is serious. With this in mind, "car parking etiquette" is being encouraged by the organisation.

Research by the organisation went on to find that men are more likely to have a parked prang than women, going against the time-honoured stereotype that men are better at parking - nearly 20 per cent have scraped another car compared to just 15 per cent of ladies.

Men, however, are also more likely to admit their accidental act. One in five men blame careless driving for a scrape of this nature, while women are more likely to blame the size of car parking spaces.

‘"Motorists should be extra vigilant in car parks, taking into account the size of our cars compared to the average size of parking spaces," said the research. "This is even more reason to respect other drivers, to confess to any prangs and to exercise car parking etiquette to help other drivers."