The Changing Rates of Crime in the UK

Graph showing crime figures for the last 10 years

How to Read the Castle Cover Crime Index

The Castle Cover Crime Index highlights the fluctuations in a range of offences across England and Wales over the last ten years, encompassing 2001/02 to 2010/11. Numbers, based on Home Office figures released this year, are derived by multiplying incidence rates by the population estimates for both countries studied.

Burglary and household theft, motor vehicle theft and damage, theft from the person and bicycle theft are all represented by this interactive chart, showing the comparative fortunes of the number of individuals affected by these crimes during each year. While initiatives are constantly being introduced by the government and charities across the UK in order to oppose certain trends, the consistency of each unlawful issue continues to vary from crime to crime.

The most notable rising trend is that of bicycle theft. On the other hand, petrol-powered vehicles are a lot less likely to be subject to an insurance claim than they were ten years ago, as incidents dropped by almost one third in ten years. Burglary, while initially falling, seems to be back on an upsurge while personal theft has dropped by a quarter.


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